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Lessons Learned from a Highly Speculative Stock Market

If the last few months of price movement in the stock market has shown us anything, it’s that most retail investors have no idea where the next big surge in buying and selling will be.

Millennials and Markets, Part III: Investing in the Source

In the final installment of this series, I wanted to face the cornerstone of the millennial capital paradigm – using investment to create social change – head-on.

Millennials and Markets, Part II: Currencies and Gigs

In this article, I wanted to examine some millennial preferences that are less intuitive to outside investors.

Four Books to Read As The Economy Continues to Fluctuate

These are four selections from my bookshelf that I would recommend to anyone interested in venture capital, business, or even just economics in general.

Millennials and Markets, Part I: Introduction and Sustainability

2020 has been unlike anything our country has seen in a generation. Between a global pandemic and unprecedented economic uncertainty, this year has been a dismaying and disillusioning time for our younger generations, who are now tasked with building a life and achieving financial stability amidst great insecurity.

It’s time to diversify your investments

Diversifying your portfolio and investing in a plurality of industries can be an effective insurance policy against wholesale financial ruin when the economy begins to contract.