Amit Raizada’s Home Page

Amit Raizada is the Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Business Ventures (SBV), SBV Capital, SBV Real Estate, and SBV Consultants, business investment firms with a trans-Atlantic reach. The SBV family of companies offers a wide range of investment, capital, real estate, and consultancy services to multiple industries, including digital communications, finance, and retail. Among the clients that SBV serves out of its Kansas City headquarters are some of the top telecom companies in the United States, healthcare research firms, auto-leasing and fleet management companies, and financial technology solutions providers.

Spectrum Business Ventures prides itself in seeing things through different perspectives. Where other investors see difficulties, SBV sees possibilities. Operating under a philosophy that rewards uncovering hidden value, opportunities are created, wealth is preserved and expanded, and risk is minimized for institutions, individuals, and family corporations. It is this forward-looking mindset, planted and nurtured by CEO Amit Raizada, that has made SBV a valued partner of over 70 companies and real estate projects across the country.

Founded in 2002 by Amit Raizada and Philip (Chuck) Rouse, Spectrum Business Ventures started as a single-office operation. Using Amit’s wide network of contacts acquired during his years in the telecoms industry, SBV also made forays into real estate, joining forces with Asner-Gortenberg in 2003. The result was a successful investment firm with a diversified portfolio of clients spanning real estate, loan processing, finance and technology, and energy and natural resources.

By 2013, SBV had expanded at such a rate that Amit and his partners decided to split the company, giving the individual business groups room to grow in their respective industries. This has also allowed decisions to be made at a quicker pace and has helped each business group in creating and implementing innovative, industry-specific solutions.

At the center of each stage of SBV’s growth and evolution into a full-service investment and consultancy firm was Amit Raizada. As an entrepreneur, he has developed a keen eye for fresh, new ideas that might just become the next industry game-changer; as a trained economist with a degree from Michigan State University, he is also an expert in navigating industry challenges, arriving at each decision using sound business sense and due diligence best practices.

Inspired by Amit Raizada’s success story, Spectrum Business Ventures is actively involved in corporate social responsibility efforts in Kansas City and beyond, supporting causes as diversified as autism advocacy, cardiology and childhood cancer research, behavioral health among young people, legal assistance for the unjustly accused, and the fine and performing arts.