Amit Raizada, Business Consultant

At Spectrum Business Ventures, we are passionate about helping our clients get the most exposure and profit through well-placed and well-timed investments. It is this same passion that drives our SBV Capital unit, which specializes in growth financing across a broad spectrum of industries, and SBV Consultants, which focuses on organizational performance.

As a trained economist and entrepreneur, I understand that a fine balance has to be struck between maximizing profit streams and employee retention and empowerment. We have gone through—and survived—one of the worst recessions in recent U.S. history, and now, there is a renaissance among local companies. I am not just referring to large multinational firms; I am also talking about small- to medium-scale, artisanal, “mom and pop” operations that cater to specific niche markets. This is one industry segment which is sadly being neglected by so many consulting firms, particularly because they do not see any added value in it.

In contrast, we at SBV Consultants are more than happy to accept middle-market companies, family-owned businesses, and individuals who are finding the achievement of growth a challenge. We cater to clients who refuse to do business as usual; if a potential client indicates a desire for a top-down, creative change in corporate culture and business strategies, chances are I’ll be the first person on the phone with them.

SBV Consultants operates on four major pillars of success: efficiency, financial planning, critical analysis, and employee empowerment. Each of the pillars cannot support a business on its own, and without one, the other three will also fall. This is why SBV Consultants engages the services of industry veterans who understand that healthy relationships need to be fostered between and among all units of a business.

It is also important for a business consultant to be knowledgeable about multiple industries, most especially if the prospective client wants to diversify their portfolios. While certain skills, such as financial planning, project management, and public relations are portable across industries, there are aspects that are specific only to certain businesses. With an existing portfolio that includes energy, real estate, and technology, SBV Consultants is well-positioned to take clients to wherever they want to go, at the pace they desire. In the long run, surviving and thriving in a cut-throat business environment is all about looking at things from different perspectives. And we at SBV Consultants have both the skill set and track record to help your business achieve those targets.